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New vs Existing Skype Account


  • Should I use my existing Skype account or create a new one to use with telyHD?


Choosing which Skype account to use with telyHD is a personal decision. See below for some considerations.


Note that any changes you make to your Skype account on telyHD, including contact changes, will be seen on your other Skype clients (for example, Skype on your computer), and vice versa. As with any Skype client, your Contacts list and account settings are stored with Skype, not on telyHD.


Note also that you can store multiple accounts (used one at a time) on telyHD. So, if you’re unsure which option to choose, try both.



We recommend a new Skype account if one or more of the following apply:

  • You have a large number of Skype contacts, and you don’t intend to use telyHD to communicate with many of them. (For example, you may have an account with mostly business contacts; unsuitable for living room video calls.)
  • Multiple people in the household will share telyHD, and it makes sense to have a collective Contacts list.
  • You regularly use Skype on another device and want to avoid potential issues with being signed in on multiple devices.
  • You need a certain Skype feature on telyHD; and you want the opposite on your other Skype clients. For example, you may need Anybody Can Call Me enabled for work, but want this feature disabled at home.


We recommend using your existing Skype account if:

  • You depend on your current Skype name and intend to communicate with most people in your Contacts list using telyHD.
  • You currently pay for Skype Premium services and wish to use those with telyHD.


If your situation falls between these two scenarios, you can begin with your own account and switch to a new account later if desired.







Good to Know

You can create the Skype account from a PC or Mac if easier.

To use multiple accounts on telyHD, simply sign out of your current account and sign in to the next account (or create a new one). Each account will be stored as its own card on the Contacts screen.